Monday, February 6, 2012

4 Valentine's Day Pinterest Challenge

Ohhh Pinterest!!!! What an addictive site. Pinterest is a great source for Ideas and Inspiration. On January 9th, 2012, the EtsyMom team posted the Valentine's Day DIY Pinterest Challenge. Each participant needed to search and pick a DIY Valentine's Day project in Pinterest, make it and write a blog post. The project would be uploaded to the EtsyMom Pinterest Board, from which people would vote on the project they like best. The project with the most "likes" wins.... I started my search for the special Valentine's Pin and decided on this great Project, "Crayon Heart Valentines" from This project was fun to make and it brought me back to my childhood and the fun I had coloring with Crayons. I gathered the following supplies and I was on my way to start my project.
  • Crayons - purchased at a Dollar Store. I used approximately 150.
  • Silicon Heart Shape Mold - purchased at Walmart
  • Ready made Heart Shape stock cards - purchased at Michaels
  • Glitter
  • Varigated Crochet Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Valentine's Day themed stamps, purchased at Michaels

  • After an hour and half of removing the Crayons wrappers and breaking them in small pieces, I came up with these color combinations.

    Now it was time to bake the Crayons!!!! The Hearts baked to a perfect shape!!!!

    To decorate the Hearts, I used Red Ink and stamped the Cards with two different stamp designs. For the final touch, I used Varigated Crochet Thread. I wrapped the Hearts in an asymmetrical fashion and hot glued the back to the Card Stock.

    And here they are, the finished Valentine's Cards....

    I found these cute Miniature Heart clothes pins at Michaels, which were perfect to Hang my Cards in Twine and showcase them as a Garland.

    I hope you love my Valentine's Day cards. Come on over to vote for your favorite project.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


    1. these crayon hearts
      are adorable!

      i am a new follower
      via Linky Follower
      and hope that you will
      take a moment to
      come and visit me too!


    2. First of thanks for joining me. Your project is unimaginably wonderful. Did you literally throw them into the oven when you said 'bake'? Thats some craft and I should try this. I'm itching to use up my crayons now :D
      I'm going to mention your site in my next post, I hope you get more followers/ views :)
      Evita -


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