Thursday, February 16, 2012

I-Cord Valentine's Day Wreath

I enjoy Knitting I-Cords. Making an I-Cord could be a bit intimidating as it requires knitting using two Double-Pointed Needles. An I-Cord is quick and very easy to make. To learn how to Knit an I-Cord, visit The Purl Bee, one of my favorite Blogs. Here you can find a wonderful Tutorial on how to Knit an I-Cord.

I love knitting with Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles, available at most Craft stores like Michaels and ACMoore. An I-Cord is a Knitted Tube and can be as long as you like. It can be made using any yarn, just make sure you choose the correct Knitting Needle size for the specific choosen yarn. I-Cords are fun to make and can be use in all sorts of things; from a Bag Strap to Making Spiral Flowers.

I found a Heart Shape Wire Form in my stash which I purchased years ago. I figure why not use it to make a Valentine's Day Wreath. I also decorated the wreath with tiny Crochet Hearts using the wonderful tutorial from Julia Crossland's Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting.

My I-Cord was made using Three strands of yarn held together, which resulted in a more dense tube. If you can't find this type of Wire Form, you can make your own Heart Shape using a piece of Garden Wire. Go HERE to find the tutorial.
Let's get going!!!
  • Worsted Weight Yarn in 3 colors of your choice. For this project I used Patons-Classic Wool in Aran, Petal Pink and Bright Red.
  • Double-Pointed Knitting Needles - Size 13(9.0mm)
  • Heart Shape Wire form
  • Flexible Floral Wire, available at the Dollar Store - $1.00
  • Crochet Hook - Size H/8 (5.0mm)
  • Small/Medium Heart form
  • Pair of Pliers
  • Yarn Needle

  1. Holding 3 strands together, Cast on 6 stitches.
  2. Knit across all stitches
  3. Following the I-Cord Tutorial, continue knitting rounds, until you reach the length needed to go around the Heart Wire Form. Your I-Cord will be similar to the ones shown below.

  4. Once you reach the required length, bind-off your stitches. Set the I-Cord aside for now to assemble later.

  5. To decorate the I-Cord, I crocheted three tiny hearts. I used the wonderful tutorial from Julia Crossland, alternating the yarn colors to crochet the middle and sides of the Tiny Hearts.

  6. To assemble the wreath, the Heart Wire Form was inserted inside the I-Cord tube as shown below. Sew the hearts ends together, covering any exposed wire.

  7. Sew the Tiny Hearts around the wreath as you like.
  8. I was debating what to use to hang the wreath. Another trip to the Dollar Store lead me to purchase a package of flexible Floral Wire, the perfect item to make my own Hanger.
  9. Begin with your small Heart form. It could be a cardboard heart shape, a cookie cutter. I used a Crayon Heart shape I had from my project Pinterest Challenge.
  10. Take a piece of wire and wrap it around your small heart form. Cut ends with pliers and wrap around to hold in place

  11. Sew hanger onto the Wreath.
  12. You are done!!!

I hope you enjoy give this tutorial and perhaps give it a try!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

5 SweetHeart Clock

VALENTINE'S DAY is almost here. Time for LOVE, Passion and Chocolate. My inspiration for this clock came from a bag of Heart shape felt buttons I stumbled upon at Walmart. Each bag contains three different size buttons; small, medium and large with three different colors; Red and two shades of pink. As soon as I spotted these cuties, I thought I could use them in my next craft project. Days later, I had an idea on how to use these newly acquired heart buttons. I decided to make an inspired Valentine's Day DIY clock and replace the traditional numbers with these felted buttons.


  • Heart Shape Felt Buttons, purchased at Walmart - $1.97. I wanted the traditional clock numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 replaced by four Large Red Hearts. Each bag contains three Large Hearts of each color. Therefore, I purchased two bags in order to have four large "RED HEARTS".
  • Walnut Hollow - 3 Piece Clock Kit for 10mm(3/8") surfaces, purchased at ACMoore - $8.49, paid half price with a 50% coupon.
  • 1 12" X 14" Burlap square - purchased at Joanne's Fabrics
  • Wilton's 8" Cake Circles, purchased at Walmart - 4.00
  • 8" Embroidery Hoop, purchased at ACMoore - $1.69
  • DMC Embroidery Floss in colors Black and White
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Head Pins
  • 8" salad plate
  • 8" X 12" sheet of paper
  • Pen for tracing
  • Scissors
  • Low Heat Glue and Glue Sticks
  • Craft Knife

  1. Trace the salad plate on to the sheet of paper. Cut out circle.

  2. Fold circle in half

  3. Then fold right-half towards the middle front.

    Fold second half towards the back.

    Finally, fold again in half. Open circle. There should be 12 fold sections.

  4. Pull apart the Embroidery Hoop
  5. Lay inner hoop and slide it around the Burlap Square. Attach second hoop (the one with the screw) and stretch the Burlap so that it is free of any gaps. Tight hoop screw.

    Lay paper circle on Burlap. Insert Head Pins outside the paper, directly on each of the 12 folds and one pin in the middle. This is where the Clock mechanism will be installed.

    Lay buttons of your choice between two pins. When satisfied with the arrangement, sew buttons to Burlap using embroidery floss and needle. I alternated using Black and White floss.

    Turn hoop over and cut excess Burlap material, leaving at least 1 1/2 inches. Turn Burlap inside the hoop and glue in place, while pressing down with finger as you go around.

  6. To assemble the clock, using the Folded Circle from Step 3, insert a Head Pin in the Middle of the Cardboard Cake circle. Using the Craft Knife make a hole large enough to insert the shaft of the clock movement. The circle may have to be trimmed in order to fit inside the hoop

  7. Insert cardboard circle in back of hoop. Using the Craft Knife make another hole in the middle of the Burlap circle, marked by the head pin in Step 3. Insert Clock shaft through the card board and back of Burlap. Add clock hands onto movement according to the instructions that came with the kit. Add some glue to the back of the clock mechanism to keep it in place.

    Insert one AA battery inside the clock movement and set the time. Your clock can be hang from the hook on the clock movement.

And here it is... The DIY Sweetheart Clock is ready to be displayed.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Happy Valentine's Day


Monday, February 6, 2012

4 Valentine's Day Pinterest Challenge

Ohhh Pinterest!!!! What an addictive site. Pinterest is a great source for Ideas and Inspiration. On January 9th, 2012, the EtsyMom team posted the Valentine's Day DIY Pinterest Challenge. Each participant needed to search and pick a DIY Valentine's Day project in Pinterest, make it and write a blog post. The project would be uploaded to the EtsyMom Pinterest Board, from which people would vote on the project they like best. The project with the most "likes" wins.... I started my search for the special Valentine's Pin and decided on this great Project, "Crayon Heart Valentines" from This project was fun to make and it brought me back to my childhood and the fun I had coloring with Crayons. I gathered the following supplies and I was on my way to start my project.
  • Crayons - purchased at a Dollar Store. I used approximately 150.
  • Silicon Heart Shape Mold - purchased at Walmart
  • Ready made Heart Shape stock cards - purchased at Michaels
  • Glitter
  • Varigated Crochet Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Valentine's Day themed stamps, purchased at Michaels

  • After an hour and half of removing the Crayons wrappers and breaking them in small pieces, I came up with these color combinations.

    Now it was time to bake the Crayons!!!! The Hearts baked to a perfect shape!!!!

    To decorate the Hearts, I used Red Ink and stamped the Cards with two different stamp designs. For the final touch, I used Varigated Crochet Thread. I wrapped the Hearts in an asymmetrical fashion and hot glued the back to the Card Stock.

    And here they are, the finished Valentine's Cards....

    I found these cute Miniature Heart clothes pins at Michaels, which were perfect to Hang my Cards in Twine and showcase them as a Garland.

    I hope you love my Valentine's Day cards. Come on over to vote for your favorite project.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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