Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Washi-Tape Contest

I am super excited to participate in this Month's Pinspired and Rewired Blog Series contest. This month's Theme is my latest craft passion; Washi Tape.

For this contest, the project must be inspired by a Washi Tape project found in Pinterest. The Linky Party Contest will be held from May 18 -23.

The Hosts are:

Southern Lovely, Family Ever After, Ginger Snap Crafts, and The Gunny Sack.

My project inspiration came from a Washi Tape Tile Coaster project I pinned from DesignsDreamsJapan.com

I modified the project by creating sweet Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone images from Washi Tape which I applied to the center of each tile.
Let's begin.....

  1. 4 - 4" Square Ceramic Tiles; purchased at Home Depot for 16 cents each.
  2. Washi Tape
  3. Scrapbook Paper - Photo Burlap (design name).
    I was fortunate to find this paper at Michaels, which resembles an ice cream cone's texture.
  4. Contact Paper
  5. Tracing Paper
  6. Mod Podge/Foam Brush
  7. Single Hole Punch
  8. Ribbon 2" Reach Punch by McGill, purchased at ACMoore.
  9. Pair of Tweezers
  10. Polyurethane - I used Minwax Clear Satin
  11. Small Paint Brush
  12. Self Stick Heavy Duty Felt Circles
  13. Graphics. I found the Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone images online.
  • Clean your tiles with bathroom cleaner to get rid of any dust. Let the tiles dry completely.
  • Start adding your Washi Tape across the tiles.
  • Trace your Graphics using the Tracing and Contact papers by creating layers. Lay the contact paper with backing facing up; add tracing paper and finally your graphics.
  • Flip Contact paper over. Apply Washi-tape to cover your traced graphics. For the Cupcakes and Ice Cream Scoops I used Washi Tape. For the Cones, I used the Scrapbook paper since I did not have any brown Washi Tape.
  • Cut your graphics around the traced lines. For the Cupcakes and Ice Cream Cones I cut each section individually separating the scoops from the cones; the frosting from the cupcakes.
  • For the Cupcake Sprinkles and Ice Cream Toppings, I applied Washi Tape to a piece of Contact Paper and punched the pieces using the Single Hole and Ribbon Punches. To separate these small pieces from the contact paper, I used the tweezers.
  • Begin attaching your graphics in sections. The cones were applied using Mod Podge. The Ice Cream Scoops, Cupcakes and Frosting were simply taped to the tiles.
  • Apply the Sprinkles and Toppings randomly over the Scoops and Frostings.
  • For extra durability, apply 2-3 coats of Polyurethane all over the tiles. Let dry between coats.
  • To protect your furniture from the tile's harsh bottom, I applied a felt circle to all four corners.

And here they are...

I now have a cute set of Tile Coasters, perfect for those Summer dinner gatherings. I hope you give this tutorial a try.

Happy Pinning!!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washi-Tape Mother's Day Jars

Mother's Day is upon us. There are so many ways to say "Thanks Mom" for everything she does, her guidance, her LOVE.

I decided to make a special Mother's Day gift Mom can use to keep buttons, stamps, etc.
Washi-Tape has become my favorite craft supply to create these days!!!! On a visit to Michaels I stumbled upon Glass Canning Jars; priced at $1.00 each. Bells started to ring... I said to myself... "Mother's Day Themed Canning Jars".

I purchased a package of Martha Stewart's Paper Tape at A.C. Moore last week. The package comes with 4 rolls styled with polka dots, plaid, checkerboard and flowers. I decided to create the MOM's Phrases using different Fonts, adding Hearts and Flowers to complement each other.
To begin, I gathered the following:

  • Washi-Tape. I used Martha Stewart's Vintage Girl Paper Tape.
  • 3 8oz. Canning Jars
  • Contact Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush

  • Fonts, Graphics of your choice. I found the graphics online shown on the picture below and create the phrases in Word using different font sizes and styles.

  1. Start by downloading graphics, fonts or make your own. I create my word phrases in word using different fonts and sizes.
  2. Trace images and fonts using the tracing and contact papers by creating layers. Place contact paper with backing facing up, followed by tracing paper and finally the image on top.
    Go HERE to view my Washi-Tape Clipboard tutorial on tracing images.
  3. Begin adding your Washi-Tape strips on the opposite side of the contact Paper. Lay a blank piece of paper under the image to make it easier to see it while applying the tape.
  4. After all the Jars are finished; apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal the designs.

Take a look at my finished Mother's Day Canning Jars. I think Mom will love these. These are as adorable as they are functional. As you can see I filled these jars with rolls of Washi-Tape... They fit in perfectly. I think I will make a set for myself with different graphics...


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