Thursday, February 6, 2014

11 Ombre Valentine's Trees

LOVE is in the air everywhere I look around; LOVE is in the air every sight and every sound... I love this song.
VALENTINE's Day is almost here. This is a special day to show our LOVE to the people we care about.

Ombre is one of my favorite techniques to mix and match colors. What could be more fun than to create Ombre Felt trees for Valentine's Day?
I stumbled upon some cute Valentine's picks at Joanne Fabrics. I thought they would look awesome as tree toppers. I picked felt sheets in three shades of PINK and went to town cutting small hearts. To make your own felt trees you will need the following supplies....

To make it easier to cut small hearts from Felt I used Freezer Paper and my printer. Cut sheets of Freezer Paper that are just slightly smaller than your printer paper. Tape the freezer paper, shiny side down onto your printer paper sheets at each corner using masking tape.
Load your freezer paper into the printer paper tray. I loaded mine facing down. You might want to check your printer loading directions. Print your template.
For my trees, I printed 6 sheets, 2 for each felt color. Press the Freezer Paper sheets shiny side down onto the sheets of felt using a warm iron-no steam.

If you wish to use my Heart Template to make your very own Felt Tree, click on the right arrow to download and print the file.

PLEASE NOTE: this file is for Personal use only. Please do not claim or sell it as your own!!!

Spray paint your glass candlestick. I gave mine two coats. Let dry completely.

Cut your felt hearts. Starting from the bottom of the cone, begin pinning your hearts using the sequins and pins, overlapping the hearts as you go. Continue pinning your hearts working in rows.

I cut down the Valentine's pick wire to about 2 inches. After your cone is completely cover with the felt hearts; hot glue the pick onto the cone's top. Let dry completely. Finally, glue the candlestick to the bottom of the cone.

I had so much fun making the first tree; I decided to make another one using a different size cone.
And here they are.... I love how they turned out.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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